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Premier Care mobility equipment in home Warranty Cover



Our Premier Care Warranty and Accidental Damage policy is designed for owners of mobility Equipment for use in the home, such as beds, chairs and stair lifts, and provides insurance protection in the event of accidental damage, including damage following accidental mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Cover is available on both new and used equipment. The cover on new products commences immediately after the manufacturers' guarantee expires and you will be given the option of insuring for either12, 24, 36 or 48 months. The cover for used products is for 9 months, commencing 3 calendar months after the equipment has been purchased. Prior to enquiry policies for both new and used products will be offered renewal for a period of 12 months,

This document includes a general summery of the insurance provided vy a policy. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document should be referred to. A copy will be supplied upon request.


This policy is broken down into two separate Sections of cover - Warranty and Accidental Damage.


Significant Features and Benefits

Mechanical or electrical break-down of your equipment whilst in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Mann and anywhere else in the world (subject to prior notification) for up to 30 days in any one year of insurance.

Basis of Settlement - the insurer will pay in respect of the equipment:

(1) This policy excludes any claim resulting from racing, pace making, time or reliability trials in any organised sporting event, or whilst practising for any of them.

(2) This policy excludes any breakdown incurred:

(a) during the manufacturers', the suppliers' or any other warranty or guarantee period.

(b) In respect of, or as a result of, any equipment or part thereof that is the subject of a manufacturers' recal or modification.

(c) Whilst the equipment is used for commercial or other non-domestic purposes.

(d) In respect of, or as a result of routine maintenance, servicing, cleaning, overhaul or modification

(e) Where no fault is found with the equipment.


(3) The policy excludes breakdown as a result of:

(a) any means external to the equipment, theft or attempted theft or any intentional act

(b) wear and tear, corrosion, rust, contamination, gradual deterioration, defective workmanship or misuse.

(c) Strikes or industrial action

(d) Disregard of the manufacturers' operating or user maintenance instructions.

(e) Modification or servicing not in accordance with manufacturers' instructions.

(f) Incorrect installation, modification or maintenance of electricity supplies used to provide power to the equipment.

(4) The policy shall not apply:

(a) in respect of plugs, fuses, springs, batteries, off board battery chargers, light bulbs, light covers, paintwork, trim, cables, fillers, attachments, seat cover or any other consumables, framework, bodywork, external accessories, stair lift tracking or stair lift trailing cables.

(b) For more than one repair to (or replacement of) any one part of the equipment

(c) To breakdown where the fault was evident during the manufacturers' warranty period or before commencement of the policy.

(5) The policy excludes any part or component that is no longer available, or is out of manufacture.

Accidental Damage

Significant Features and Benefits

Loss of, or damage to, the equipment by any accidental cause whilst within your private dwelling.

Basis of Settlement - the insurer will pay in respect of the equipment:

(1) Purchased new and less than 3 years old, at its option, the cost of repair or replacement, in either case to a condition equivalent to, or substantially the same as, but not better or more extensive than, the condition when new.

(2) More than 3 years old, or purchased by you second hand, the cpst of repair or replacement on the basis of indemnity.

The maximum amount payable will not exceed the sum insured, which unless specially agreed, will be the purchase price.

Significant or Unusual Exclusions or Limitations

A number of exclusions apply, the ones most specific to the equipment being as follows:

(1) Loss or damage due to manufacturing defect, wear and tear, general deterioration, corrosion, rust, contamination, electrical or mechanical breakdown, defective workmanship or misuse.

(2) Any process of cleaning, altering, servicing or repairing,

(3) Theft due to loss of the equipment by deception

(4) Damage resulting in staining of the equipment which cannot be removed by a professional cleaning contractor.

(5) Burns or scorching caused by cigarettes, cigars or tobacco pipes, or lighted materials used in connection therewith

(6) Scratching or denting, unless such damage affects the normal operation of the equipment.

(7) Damage caused by animals.


Notification of Claim

You need to notify the insurer of a claim, or of any circumstances or incident that may cause a claim. You should contact us at:

Mark Bates Limited of Premier House, Harlaxton Road, Granthan, Lincs, NG31 7JX.

You should immediately report to the police any incident involving theft, malicious damage, vandalism or loss of property.

The policy document provides full details of the action you should take in the event of a claim.


The policy and associated documentation and al information relating to this insurance communication to you shall be in the English language.


There is a choice of law applicable to this insurance, but unless otherwise agreed between you and the insurer, English Law will apply.

The Insurer

The insurer is Lloyds syndicate 2001 managed by Amlin Underwriting Limited through its service company Amlin Insurance Services.


If, on perusal you decide that you do not wish to accept the policy, you may return it within 14 days of receipt and we will refund the premium.

Otherwise you may cancel the policy at any time and the insurer will allow a refund of premium paid in accordance with its short period rates in force at the time of cancellation.

No refund or premium will be allowed if a claim has occurred during the insurance period.

We may cancel the insurance on behalf of the insurer by sending 14 days' notice to your last known address. We will work out the premium for the period we have been insuring you and refund any difference.

Compensation Scheme Rights

In the event that the insurer is unable to meet the legal obligation under the insurance, you may be entitled to apply for compensation under the financial Services compensation Scheme.

Complaints Procedure

It is always our intention to provide you with a first class standard of service. However, if you are unhappy in any way and wish to make a complaint, in the first instance please contact us at:

Mark Bates Limited of Premier House, Harlaxton Road, Granthan, Lincs, NG31 7JX,

Should the matter not be resolved to your satisfaction, a more formalised complaints procedure will be found in the policy document, or on request.

Ultimately, if your enquiry or complaint cannot be resolved, the laid down procedure will refer you to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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Are you looking to buy a mobility scooter or power chair at a Fair Price?

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