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TGA Buddy Mobility Scooter

The Buddy is the third generation of TGA’s lightweight portable scooters. New technology and production techniques have been accelerated by public-driven demand to produce this 21st Century Successor to the TGA Superlight!

It is compact, folds down with ease , dismantles in seconds, stylish and innovative and has easy to lift off batteries. It is all round a great little scooter!


  • Buddy has two unique systems; it folds instantly to go into a car boot, or it comes to pieces in seconds, if necessary, to fit into a very small boot. Even the wheels are push-button release
  • It will fit in most small car boots and hatchbacks
  • A sturdy, lightweight all-aluminium frame
  • The heaviest component weighs less than 20 lbs
  • The batteries are easy to lift out and there are no cables or plugs
  • The batteries can be charged either on or off board — you can even leave the Buddy in the boot and take only the batteries.
  • The tiller is adjustable for your comfort and lifts off easily with no cables or plugs to disengage.
  • It stands alone vertically when folded and takes up less than 2 sq ft of floor space
  • It has a wide track for extra stability
  • It has a turning radius of less than 70 cms
  • It is at equally happy for use indoors or out
  • A simple switch that gives fast and slow speed navigation is accurate and easy, for easy navigation through narrow aisles and compact spaces
  • It is fitted with folding armrests, lights, horn and key switch security as standard
  • It has an automatic braking system and automatic parking brake
  • It is available in moody blue or lilac
  • It comes complete with a 12 months warranty.
  • Can carry up to 100kgs or 16 Stone
  • Two X 12 Volt Batteries



110 cms, 43 ins


61 cms, 24 ins


90 cms, 35 ins

Folded height

47 cms, 18.5 ins

Seat width

46 cms, 18 ins

Total without batteries

22 kg, 48 lbs

Frame with seat

13 kg, 28 lbs


9 kg, 20 lbs

Two batteries: 12v,20ah

7 kg, 15.5 lbs each

Driving range (up to)

20 kms, 12 miles

Climbing ability

13% gradient

Ground clearance

8.5 cm, 3.6 ins

Turning radius

70 cms, 28 ins


Automatic braking system

Maximum speed: low mode

3.5 kph, 2.2 mph

Maximum speed: high mode

6.4 kph, 4 mph

Reverse speed

4.5 kph, 2.8 mph

Front wheel

25 x 5 cms, 10 x 2 ins solid tyre

Maximum carrying weight

100 kg, 16 stones

Rear wheels

25 x 5 cms, 10 x 2 ins pneumatic


Due to large price increases from TGA (for instance £800 more on the dealer price for the TGA Breeze), our prices have had to go up on TGA scooters, and we recommend that you also take a look at the Rascal Liteway mobility scooter. This scooter carries 21 stone!, is rear-wheel drive (REMEMBER the Buddy is front-wheel drive with limitations on slopes and in damp conditions). The Rascal is cheaper, and a spare battery pack is £85 to double your mileage, it is easier to put in the car, and a MORE than adequate alternative to the TGA Buddy which is heavy to lift.

Call Steve: 0114 272 6619.

For further information contact Steve.

Tel. (0114) 272 6619 or e-mail Fair Price Mobility

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