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TGA Superlight Mobility Scooter



45" (114 cm)


up to 15 miles (24 km) per charge


24" (62 cm)


electronic with automatic parking brake


96 lbs

Wheel Size

10 x 2" (25 x 5 cm)

Max. Carrying Weight

242 lbs


2 x 12 volt. 17 A/h sealed maintenance free

Turning radius

25.7" (70 cm)

Battery Weight

2 x 12 lbs (5 x 5.5 kg)

Maximum Gradient

13 %

Battery Charger

24 volt, fully automatic


12 months


slow position-

fast position-

reverse position-

2.2 mph (3.5 kmph)

4 mph (6.5 kmph)

1.25 mph (2.0 kmph)


1. Responsive hand Controls.

2. Heaviest component only 20lbs.

3. Can carry over 240 lbs.

4. Removable Seat.

5. Easy to dismantle no tools needed.

6. Easy to manoeuvre great turning circle.

7. Removable Basket.

8. Adjustable Swivel seat.

9. Two X 12 Volt Batteries Just plug into the mains!


Due to large price increases from TGA (for instance £800 more on the dealer price for the TGA Breeze), our prices have had to go up on TGA scooters, and we recommend that you also take a look at the
Rascal Liteway mobility scooter
. This scooter carries 21 stone and has rear-wheel drive. The Rascal is cheaper, £700 Cheaper, and has a spare battery pack is £85 to double your mileage, it is easier to put in the car, and a MORE than adequate alternative to the TGA Superlight.

For further information contact Steve.

Tel. (0114) 272 6619 or e-mail Fair Price Mobility

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