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Pride GoGO Elite Traveller Plus Mobility Scooter

A 4 mph Scooter at a GREAT PRICE:
available in
Red and Blue.

Building on the superb Go-Go Elite Traveller the Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus continues to take easy transportability to a whole new level! Again it offers a commanding performance over all types of terrain. Yet, with its compact size of the GoGo Elite Traveller Plus means that narrow hallways and compact spaces are easily handled as well. Go where you want to go easily with the Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus. There is also a 3 Wheel GOGO Elite Traveller Plus.

A: Feather-touch disassembly
B: Fits in most car boots
C: Easily changeable panels.
D: Convenient transport & storage.
E: Wraparound delta tiller
F: Black Plastic Foldable Seat
G: Disassembles into 5-super lightweight pieces


1. Length: 102.3cm (40.25")
2. Width: 54cm (21.25")
3. Top speed: 4mph (6.4kmph)
4. Turning Radius: 116.2cm (45.75")
5. Maximum Weight Capacity:
147kg (23 stone 3lbs)

6. Maximum scooter range:
up to 20.25 km (12.6 miles)
7. Ground Clearance: 3.8cm (1.5")
8. Maximum Allowable Incline
6° (10.5%)
9. Maximum Angle Capacity
9° (15.8%)
10. Maximum Obstacle Ability
2.5 in. (6.5 cm)
11. Tyres:
Front: 8" (20.3 cm) solid
Rear: 9" ( 22.9 cm) solid
12. Batteries:
Two 12-volt, deep cycle 18 AH
13. 2 Amp Off board charger
14. Total scooter weight
w/o batteries: 39.5 kg (87 lbs)
15. Heaviest Piece (disassembled):
15.9 kg (35 lbs) Front Section

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