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HIGH QUALITY Mobility Scooter Batteries
Prices include shipping direct to your doors. You are also VAT. exempt.
2 X 12 Ah - £75
2 X 17 Ah - £95
2 X 30/34 Ah - £158
2 X 40 Ah - £175
2 X 50Ah - £225*
2 X 70/73 Ah - £255
* These batteries are the same dimensions as the 40Ah's but they contain more plates, this means you get 25% more mileage.

Also included
An all important 15 Month "No Quibble" Warranty! Most companies sell batteries as Consumables and so give you a 3 month warranty (check the small print).

Be Aware also of Skimming.
With the increase in price of lead, some Overseas companies have been decreasing the amount they put in the batteries, thereby reducing their quality & increasing profit.

Beware of Cheapo Suppliers!!!
We know the source Suppliers of our batteries and we can assure you that this practice is not occurring in the batteries we supply, we supply ONLY QUALITY to you!

for tips on how to look after and maintain your scooter batteries see
Battery Care

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